About Me

Everyone wants to become a financial freedom and moving forward to achieve life sustainability and
worriless environment.

If you want to think like Warren Buffet, he would think of Stocks as a Business. Selection of the companies has become more important similar of selection of products when we buy a product.

Which companies / products provide higher and stable profit margin that counts in the long run.

"Buy and Sell" vs "Trading" vs "Buy and never sell" would definitely mean something in investment.

Investor without expectation and experience is just like a degree student graduate without holding a degree or a degree holder without having a job.

About Me

Life is short. We only live once in this real world and twice for the dream we are making.

I have been a cost accountant in some of the troubled listed companies. Human are simply too stress up while handling matters especially finding faults or mistakes or whose responsibilities. Just like Reality TV series "Hotel-hell",  and "Hell-kitchen". We may look at it as a good way for correcting the mistake or faults made by people, but it also involves blaming others by creating "tense" environment in the working space.

I have taught people without any financial background, on how to start small business by providing them simple plus minus accounts for them to understand. How to sustain their business and their breakeven point to survive the business, and watch for pitfalls all over the places. However, some decision need to be made if things get out of hand.

My blog would teach people on how to read financial statement from Corporates in a simple way with some basic gathered info. I am also introducing traveling planner for overseas for those who would like to travel. While for the latest, is to become an anti-aging profiler, things and symptom that you might look older or younger than your age.

Keep reading my blog, it would surprise you in someway or another.

Drop me an email stevenglobal@yahoo.com for comment and suggestions. Thanks.

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