HONG KONG : Preparation (Free & Easy)

You could prepare Free & Easy if you are Chinese in Malaysia, or any Chinese that are comfortable with Mandarin and Cantonese. Here are some words that Hong Kong people would recognize you are either from Malaysia or Singapore.

English Malaysian Cantonese Hong Kong

I am Ka Ki Ji Gei

Silent Diam On Jing

Boring Sien Moon

Anything will do Chin Chai Kau Kei, Si Dan

Easy Sin Nang Yung Yi

Money Lui Chin

All Sama Qun Bou

Police Mata, Matau Chai Yan, Ging Chak

Smart Banai Lek

Help Tolong Pai Tok

Market Pasak Gai si

Meatless, Only Mee Kosong min yok, jai min

Cuttlefish Sotong Yau Yee

Time Bai Chee

Take Away Ta Pao Pao Hei Lei/Ling Chau

Take Away Order Ta Pao Ngoi Mai

Clam La La Fa Gaap

Normally the first day reaching the destination and the last day leaving, would probably get you to the nearby destination due to the check-in and check-out procedure for the accommodation as well as the airport. You may travel to Hong Kong based on their Themepark / Food / Tourist spot as well as get to know their life such as small room, their language, their noodles more alike maggie mee and their size of dishes more alike for two person portion and etc...

DAY 01   
Get Your Internet / Tickets / Accommodation / Shopping / Food

- SimCard One2Free (CSL) Power Prepaid Sim at Airport
You would need to have free calls or internet access in case of emergency. For Free & Easy, seldom people look through emergency phone number, well, get the info from info counter at Airport for conveniences.

- Get Airport Express Tourist Octopus / Adult or Children Tourist Day Pass
Mass Transit Railway (MTR) has won a slew of awards and is one of the best subway systems in the world. Trains on all lines start between 06:00am - 06:10am and stop again between 00:50am - 02:00am, with trains generally every two - three minutes, less later at night. No problems for night life I guess. Tickets can be bought from either automated, English language machines inside the station or from a manned desk. IMO, seldom walk a long hallway in order to exit a underground.

You feed the ticket into the turnstile to enter the platform and retain it, before entering it again at the destination stop.
You would seldom use Hong Kong Taxi or Public Light Bus, as MTR probably has taken care of your get around Hong Kong transportation. Anyway, you may try experience the other public transport in Hong Kong. For the Public light bus (small bus) in which you saw it in TVB, it will stay at a particular stop, until it's full or until it's times up (which i'm not aware of). You have to mention "a stop" in order the bus would stop for you in the next stop if there is no people on that particular stop or no other people stops at the same place as you.

- Try McDonald meal
McDonald in my opinion is one of the economy meal if you are budgeting. You may find McDonald with "pork". The cashier aren't really good in English, just try to point the menu or converse in Cantonese / Mandarin. By the way, you would probably hard to find KFC.

- Buy Disneyland Ticket or OceanPark Ticket
Either buy Online to avoid queuing or from any CTS (China Travel Service) office at airport counter will score you some savings for Cash Payment for adult and children tickets. I am not sure about the express line package in the Park to save you time for waiting for playing each game.

- Check in your accommodation and Shop and Eat around your area
If you are staying around Mong Kok, there are Ladies Street, Sneaker Street, Hollywood Plaza for shopping. At least to get yourself warm up before spend your time travel by train again. You may wish not to buy anything, but to visit this place again on your final day in Hong Kong once you have decided to. That's why your accommodation is one of the spot that is happening.
DAY 02
- DisneyLand Trip, Travel by MTR, Watch the Fireworks at the evening
  (hopefully not raining days)

If you are able to make it after Fireworks, kindly check the operating hours and visit
- Australian Dairy Company at Jordan.
- Night Market Temple Street in the areas of Jordan and Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is known for its night market and as one of the busiest flea markets at night in the territory.
DAY 03One thing for sure is that we cannot have two night-view location at the same time such as Avenue of Stars and The Peak. Therefore we need to do in two nights schedule.

(Morning / Evening) Ngong Ping & City Gate Outlet
(Night View) Peak Tram & Sky Terrace
DAY 04(Morning / Evening) Lamma Island
(Night View) Avenue of Stars
DAY 05(Morning / Evening) Ocean Park
(Evening / Night) Experience the Tramway, Lan Kwai Fong (Friday Night/Saturday Night)
DAY 06Shopping Day
Wong Tai Sin
Nan Lian Garden
Lung Shing Dispensary
DAY 07Harbour City, Food - Tim Ho Wan, Good Hope Noddle
Return Octopus Card, Check Out and Check in Airport in the evening.
Check in Airport in the morning session is not advisable due to peak hour or rush hour.



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