Doctor's Opinion

There are possible two outcomes when a patient meet with a Doctor.

a) Doctor would ask "where do you feel uncomfortable / pain?"
b) Doctor would physically check patient if a patient is unconscious.

A doctor would have no idea what kind of pain, diseases, or discomfort inside the patient's body without asking or without touching.

The tricky part is that, if a patient giving false information or dramatize the symptom of illness, the Doctor would have to ask about previous medication records, or to give higher dosage of certain medicine, or CT-Scan to give patient radiation exposure to diagnose an illness.

Patient : I have taken the medicine, but no improvement. 
(I actually mean I take one pill instead of two as ordered)

Patient : My joint is pain. Since as a child, i fell from the bicycle.
(I actually mean I can run and walk when I'm adult, but being elder, it is the younger age fault)

Patient : I am sick, just give me medicine that stop the pain.
Patient : After the surgery, I become more painful, it's doctor's fault.
Patient : The medicine given to me no use, I do not want throw it, since it is paid.
Patient : I cannot go outstation because of my joint.
(I actually mean, I could walk slowly)
No matter what, the communication between a patient and a doctor would be so important to determine the health of a patient. Though finding a good doctor is very hard indeed due to emotion factor most of the time among the professionalism within the doctor themselves. We may see patient quarrel with doctor also.

The danger of CT-scan, might be 50% known to Doctor, but unknown to patient, can expose patient to as much radiation as 200 chest X-rays. Overall, people has CT-scanned had a 24 percent increased cancer risk, and each additional scan boosted risk an additional 16 percent. Kindly google it up.

However, we could not deny CT-Scan itself could assist doctor to perform their duty effectively. Therefore, a patient is actually taking all the risk even still relying on doctors.

Doctors' mind and head is full of
a) illness name, behavior, illness stage
b) illness link to other illness
c) medicine name, medicine usage, medicine links to other medicines.
d) tools and equipment usage.
e) working non likely 8 hours per day, they all more either emotionless or too emotion control environment.

The final answer from the doctor always be medicine, drug and supplement, or surgery. The more doctor you see, the more type of medicine for you to consume or for storage.

In Summary,
It is good for you to go together with your seniors / parents in a Doctor room to prevent mis-communication situation. Give doctor a break if they unable to assist you, as the health issue is everyone's job to maintain it. Too much of medicine won't do you any good at all.

Starts now to stay healthy and fit.


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