Life : Human Smartest in this Planet, really?

"Human Species" issue : Death is part of life vs Immortality.

From my opinion, there is still a hope out there. It's the human duty to discover and uncover these mysteries as everyone believe themselves that human claim to be the smartest in this planet.

I won't run into a topic where dead people could become alive. But instead where aging people should become youthful. To date, I am still performing self-study on the topic, and found out some interesting issue or puzzle which I hope to discover it one by one.

What things trigger me to look into this topic as our parents issue is actually ours issue. The genetic or how the way parents lives relates to us especially the way we think/talk and disease or cancer. In order to change it, we must think outside the box and use it to protect our whole family.

Puzzle one : You look 10 years younger / You look 10 years older / You should look at the age like that. Perhaps everyone is hoping 20 or 30 years younger and s…

Tools for Checking Stock or Shares

Being shares investor, we could not simply put our money without looking at their company financial status. Whether Hold, Buy or Sell, every decision is should actually made and come from the investor himself or herself.
For my Shares Starter Group, I would personally recommend Stock Hunter apps which is available in the android, is an ease to everyone to search and checking their info easily. Here are the following screen shot to take note :

a) Avoid investing PN17 company.
PN17 stands for Practice Note 17/2005 and is issued by Bursa Malaysia; relating to companies that are in financial distress. Companies that fall within the definition of PN17 will need to submit their proposal to the Approving Authority to restructure and revive the company in order to maintain the listing status.

b) Avoid investing company that are making losses every quarterly yearly.

c) Avoid investing companies with Current Ratio below 1.0
The current ratio is a liquidity ratio that measures a company's …

Checking Out Chart Pattern

Based on request, not all of us would know how to read financial statement or annual report from the Corporate, after all, it is full of figures and amount everywhere. For those who know how, it is a plus for them.  With the financial statement, though it could not translate the meaning of the shares prices up and down, it is certainly safer for investors to invest a profitable corporate much more worth then invest a net-loss making corporation and even PN17 companies.

For shares chart, there are general rules or guidelines to be determined to avoid mistake on "buying" the shares, and "trading" the shares. 'Buying' shares mostly mean, we keep for quite a long time especially shares with dividend. While 'trading' shares definitely buy and sell within months that usually would not be kept and not to be hold for years.

Let's have a look :

1. The Industries Behavior. Selection shares based on Industry Performance.
Knowing the industry sector in char…

About : Forex

Would it possible for all of us,

a) Fixed Deposit, making 70% return of investment (ROI) in 20 years or 3.5% annually.
b) Unit Trust, making 70% return of investment in 10 years or 7% annually.
c) Shares, making 70% return of investment in 5 years or 14% annually.

How about Forex? Would it able to generate 70% return of investment in a year?

Forex is a actually totally different thing. It is a very very risky investment. There are rules to be followed:

a) Not suitable to those over 50 years old.
b) It needs to be a very low investment at USD10 or USD100.
c) Target Profit and Stop Loss must be used. 
d) Risk Reward should be  1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5
e) Use Compounding Interest
f) Develop a simple way to win and to lose.
g) Using Chart

It is quite similar to gambling Risking & Reward as well as the Possibilities of winning and losing percentage. Practice first before jumping in with real money because it always makes us losing money due to emotion meltdown, and inconsistency…

About : Shares Market

For Fixed Deposit (FD), it is estimated 70% return of investment (ROI) in 20 years.
For Unit Trust, it should be at least 70% return of investment in 10 years, which is similar with KWSP Dividend return 6% - 7% annually.

How about Shares Market or Stocks Market, 70% return of investment in 5 years time? which probably 14% yearly profit.

Let's do some calculation below:-
a) 14% ROI in a year =  14% in a year (possible? )
b) 14% ROI in 6 months = 28% in a year (possible? )
c) 14% ROI in 3 months = 56% in a year (possible? )
d) 14% ROI in 1 month = 168% in a year (possible? )

Once we have reached the targeted 14% based on the above calculation, it is advisable to sell or exit the shares. Unless our target is 28% ROI?

One simple rule is that Shares Market ain't as steady as FD, as FD won't give us any losses.

Certain investment requires certain tools and methodology.

One may find it hard to digest when we say, the profit earned from Shares should not put back into the shares…