Life : Human Smartest in this Planet, really?

"Human Species" issue : Death is part of life vs Immortality.

From my opinion, there is still a hope out there. It's the human duty to discover and uncover these mysteries as everyone believe themselves that human claim to be the smartest in this planet.

I won't run into a topic where dead people could become alive. But instead where aging people should become youthful. To date, I am still performing self-study on the topic, and found out some interesting issue or puzzle which I hope to discover it one by one.

What things trigger me to look into this topic as our parents issue is actually ours issue. The genetic or how the way parents lives relates to us especially the way we think/talk and disease or cancer. In order to change it, we must think outside the box and use it to protect our whole family.

Puzzle one : You look 10 years younger / You look 10 years older / You should look at the age like that. Perhaps everyone is hoping 20 or 30 years younger and so on?

a) Human are spending most of the time taking care of the elders, weak and young and of course the job.

b) We live in the IT age, that we know we don't give 'unhealthy' food and drinks to the elders, but that 'unhealthy' food is consumed among ourselves and the young ones together.

c) People simply don't have the time to know and to take care where to start, everyone prefer instant answer from others such as Doctor is the answer to everything while GOD is the answer for all the unknown and unanswered answers.

d) People thinks their life is short. Get over it.

e) Elderly people are too slow, kids are too slow to be an adult also, that why we are busy.

I found these that human lives the cycle like that. One might start to realize that when we start to look at our friends at this age, some might look younger than us, and some might look older than us. Nothing happen next.

The solution is 'knowing' how to take care ourselves is the first step to discover the life path for both our young ones and to our old ones.

I have few puzzles are being discovered and still discovering few more. I hope i can help people to understand. This is the my personal health sustainability blog as well as financial sustainability blog.


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