VisDynamics Holdings Bhd

VisDynamics Holdings Bhd, has maintain GP Margin above 40% while the net profit mostly eaten up by Admin expenses that ends up as net losses at the end. Although fast cash flow and current ratio is good to look at, however, this corporation has a lot of inventories value accumulated at Raw Materials and Work in progress level.

Performance : There would be some few issues, that related in each other from the production, inventories, and lastly the revenue sales almost depends on the production rather than fixed sales target. Not forgetting the net profit does not come easily.

 Description   Latest
 Current Assets more than Fixed Assets  Yes
 Current Ratio more than 1.50 No
 Net Profit before Tax   No
 Fast Cash Flow Positive  Yes
 Trade Receivables over Current Assets4.63%
 Trade Payables over Current Liabilities    18.54%
 Biggest Turnover (Stock)   18.47 months

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