EPF Stock Portfolio : 11.12.2015

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Portfolio displays a list of companies that EPF has interested in. You may choose the following companies for investment and the list is sorted based on top invested companies.

*  For illustration purpose, kindly check for value for confirmation.

Here is some tips on how to buy low and sell high.
Below is the changes of the shares unit under EPF from 04.12.2015 and 11.12.2015
You may notice TAMBUN, KPJ and TA ANN, KOSSAN are having the most changes.

Let's check the Stock Chart for the four (4) Companies below :-

Tambun / KPJ

Ta Ann / Kossan

Yeap, you may take note the highest possible or the lowest possible price level. Good luck in your trading. You may gain more experience by gathering more information and analyze it. Hopefully I could update weekly report.

Thanks for reading.


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