1MDB Financial Reports

 One might wonder how does 1MDB Financial Reports looks like?

We may click the following to view each individual audited reports in details.

Year 03.2014
Year 03.2013
Year 03.2012
Year 03.2011
Year 03.2010

We may notice with the combination of the Revenue and Other Income, comparing with the sudden increase of total assets, it does look like 1MDB is having a huge investment. It also shows that 1MDB is confidently securing huge loans and borrowings from the respective parties without any problem which is RM36billion for a RM5billion yearly revenue in 31.03.2013

However, we are waiting for this coming audited report, to show us whether this huge assets investment could or could not generate significant profits for the 1MDB. At the same time, 1MDB no doubt testing the patience of the borrower.

While we may question, does this RM42 billion loan is considered a small amount for 1MDB, would 1MDB ever need to borrow even more?


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