Brain : Positive and Negative Thinking

I have come across with an article about Negative Thinking. Just wondering does brain need some exercise? Does brain health is an issue for us? Here is what I think.

If you aim to do a lot of negative thinking, your brain is channelled to produce negative thoughts.
same goes to
If you aim to do a lot of positive thinking, your brain is wired to produce positive thoughts.

Seeing an Angel and Devil above your head now?

So, why and how negative thinking happen?
Stress, moody, argument, bad things triggers the symptom.

Does negative thinking generates illness or disease?
Not directly, but you may wish to know why human is having "high blood pressure" and other diseases.

What is the next step to stop this happening?
1. Before anything happen, write down what are the positive things for you and in you.
2. Once happen, pay attention by stopping what you are doing.
3. Close your eyes if you need to.
4. Replace negative thoughts with the positive thoughts for some minutes.
* Do not use your brain to turn positive thoughts into negative thoughts.*
5. Walk away. Get some friends or people to talk to.

When you want to change the habits of how your brain thinks, your life would change.

Happy moments and feeling good, such as
a) travel overseas
b) satisfaction over a completion of a task
c) have learn a new skill
d) enjoy seeing other people happy
e) passing the exam
f) having a healthy body

My happy moments was going for Hong Kong Trip and Thailand Trip, visiting as many tourist spot as possible, eating the best food by both countries, buying a good wallet, which being planned together with friends, free and easy, within a specific period. Marvelous!!!

The choice is yours, how to be HAPPY is completely opposite of how to be NOT HAPPY.

Enjoy Life Everyone!


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