GST : Is Malaysian READY ?

After going on for some months for the GST preparation, you might experience that, Custom is providing the following services :-

a) giving us simple and basic answer, and no answer perhaps if ask further more.
b) always ask people to read online
c) provide hotline that you need to wait or no one answering.
d) transferring call from one person to another.
e) no 24hours phone support
f) no multi racial language support
g) voluntary GST register is rejected online, opposite what GST act suggest.
h) simplified tax invoice take months to be approved, and some pending
i) revising penalty rate from low to high value during short period of time
j) gst evoucher take months to claim and pending, not claim on the spot, but full of paper work.
and so on....

We know many country have implemented GST, however, given many politician party, or any minister out there, which probably have obtain Phd, Master, Degree qualification from Overseas while studying abroad, they should have known better how GST works and should have provide answer for each Malaysian. It looks like most of the leaders stay silent, that they are not studying abroad, but rather getting all the paper qualification in Malaysia. Who knows better? GST mechanism and the online GST system.

If hotel have stars rating mechanism, such as one star hotel, two star hotel.....five star hotel. If Malaysian given choice to rate Government services, it's totally obvious.

Shoppers Guide which is for Consumer until now still have not been released, which is out of tune and it's March 2015. Consumer is ready for the shopping guide, but who is not ready?

Anyway, hopefully the Government take more effort and initiative to make GST run smoothly.


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