GST : Car Price up or down?

When we are search across website searching what happen to the car price, you may find some party would suggest buy cars before April 1, such as the article below :

Link : Buy Cars Before April 1

Suggesting that unsold stocks after April 1, they would either pass on the 80% of the remaining SST to customers or absorb it.

While this comes from the following custom guidelines, which is confusing
a) The invoice does not show sales tax chargeable, it becomes 20% special refund.
b) However if the invoice show sales tax chargeable, does it mean 100% claimable special refund?

Based on this guideline, a) and b) above, the price after April 1 is totally different, whereby 80% SST could be transferred to consumer for condition a), or 0% SST is to be transferred to consumer for condition b).

This applies to all industries that are holding their closing stock in hand 31.03.2015

One thing for sure is that Custom does not require each company to perform 100% closing stock, and this also proof that Custom department does not care about pricing after GST implementation, as 80% SST old stock for all the industries is to be transferred to the consumer, 100% SST for those does not perform closing stock calculation, thus, this pricing formula is actually set by the Custom itself.



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