GST : Zero Rated Supply & Exempt Supply

After the annoucement of the Budget 2015, everyone are looking forward what are the newest list of Zero Rated and Exempt Supply Goods and Services for this coming GST.

The following items have been highlighted either for Zero Rated or Exempted :-
Essential services, transport, education, healthcare and finance,RON95 petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, imported and local fruits, bread, coffee, tea and cocoa powder, noodles, medicines as well as reading materials and newspapers.

For the complete list, kindly click the following:-

Zero Rated Supply List

Exempt Supply List

Relief List

The whole portal click : Federal Government Gazette

GST Online recently publish Sundry Goods / Groceries List for consumer.

Let's have a look below:-

However, you may reach the same information at GST website.

Let's get ready!!!


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