GST : What is GST Compliance Software?

Not everyone is noticing that GST compliance software, is basically written for GST, with the integrated functionality for Custom department for easily checking and auditing for seven years of records at least.

GST has instructed the following General Principles guidelines :-

From the item(s) above, you may notice item (h) is enabling the software to export data into GAF for custom into checking or auditing procedure. While item (e) is to enable tracking down who and when (date and time), the addition record, modification, and deletion of the data has been made in the full set of accounting system. In Accounting, Sales, Gross Profit Margin, Closing stock, Unit price of the Product is a very sensitive data in the software itself.

Let's look at the following popular SME software in the market, AutoCount, QnE, UBS, SQL Accounting and Million Accounting System.

These particular softwares are capable to support Custom to track down any unexpected event happen within the business or the organization. Of course, the business owners really need to know and monitor their business figure well enough to support the accounting team, as accounting team itself might change its own staff over time. The business owner must verify the figure before any submission of GST and Income Tax. While not forgetting, the software above need to be locked so that no modification is allowed after the GST and Income Tax submission.

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