GST : Process after Registration

1. GST once register, you would access the GST portal or website with your login password. You may find the following letter in your inbox.

You may also take note that there would be no "kesilapan" and "kehilangan" tax invoice from the same letter.

2. Therefore everything is rules and law. You may apply GST-eVoucher worth RM1000 after getting GST ID. There are some changes for claiming GST -eVoucher. The latest update is from Custom website saying that " 

Please be informed that the application for the E - voucher of SME Corp Malaysia by the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) will expire on the 10th. November 2014 at 12.00midnight. After this date, all GST registered persons will be given the E - Voucher worth RM1, 000 automatically

Voucher concerned. For SME that are registered before the date of the 11th. November 2014 but upon successful GST registration. E - Vouchers will be sent by SME Corp Malaysia via e - mail to SME where SME can print the E - has yet to receive E - Voucher, it will be given by SME Corp in stages within 2 weeks’ time. E - Vouchers are a government financial assistance to help the GST registered person to buy or upgrade accounting software certified by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. All registered persons are requested to check the status of SME E - Voucher, respectively.

 Thank You 

3. One must also consider applying for the simplified tax invoice in the GST portal after you have sign in. Click the GST ID at the accounts tab, and you would get the apply simplified tax invoice on the left side menu.
Once approve, the following letter would be issued to you. We are not sure how long would it take to approve this simplified tax invoice, however it is best for you to get approval, or else every issued tax invoice, you would need to put customer name and address.

4. One must also consider applying for the exemption in the GST portal for those provide zero rated products, in the second row of the menu below :-

Once approval, you would be receiving the following letter. Therefore no need to submit GST filing anymore.

5. Custom would rather check your accounts claim on the input tax which is more than output tax with the following letter. However as months goes by, custom feels that it is unnecessarily due to the fact that companies does not require the custom to pay back input tax every month. With the offsetting system being introduced later on, this process become smoother.

6. One may wish to cancel the GST registration number if the sales not exceeded RM500k annually.
However this cancellation option seems not available due to the fact that the business is on going and the cancellation could not be done within 2 years of GST registration. The option that my customer has made is the cancellation of the business and the custom department would come for the inspection.

During the process of cancellation, the GST form must be submitted quarterly or monthly until the approval letter is obtained as follows :-


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