GST : Getting a GST Consultant?

Time is running short. GST, Income Tax, Government Bodies, BNM, Immigration, Kementerian Perdagangan dalam Negeri Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK), all are teaming up together to get the things done which is to improve data and tax collection.

For an example,

All information are captured during BR1M, register cars number plate through JPJ, announcing your own overseas holiday through facebook, spying on your business operation, newspaper on company announcement, selling your properties, homestay advertisement, detecting your profit Gross Margin, checking through your bank statement, are stated quite clearly how they are operates and their power through the Income Tax updates seminar which I have attended this month. No more civil investigation but crime investigation being implemented.

Income tax and Custom would share among their expertise, training up more people, and recruit outsource contractor that come with targeted tax collection. If a contractor is able to achieve that, another year of contract is succeeded awarded.

Anyhow, how about your GST in progress? Nowadays GST and Income Tax both sections are computerized, once reach the deadline, the computer would generate late penalty letter. It is quite troublesome for a taxpayer to come up with a letter for appeal. Of course for being late, if you want to appeal, the question of "pay first then appeal" would and could be used against you.

Since Government needs funds quite urgently, we all would expect GST implementation is going to be strict. The question of getting a GST consultant, is a matter how a consultant understand your business environment.

For example, if we employ a Computer Consultant, they will know about the computer technology rather than GST. If we employ GST consultant, they know about the GST, rather than the GST software.

Therefore by getting a GST consultant, you have to be extra careful that they might not know what you want, but to mess up your whole business operation in order to cope with GST.

For GST operation, it requires custom-made functionality or having a negotiating process for the whole process to implement GST. If you have a staff knowing how business and operation flow, this staff is perfectly GST consultant without getting a GST Consultant, but to let him/her to attend GST courses.

Of course, if you are late, let's say Jan 2015 to start to understand how GST flow, it is actually no time for both parties to understand and to communicate each other.

Think carefully, a real GST consultant should make your business operation flow smoothly through the period of preparing and implementing the GST. However, without understanding GST and sufficient time for preparation, GST consultant have chance and opportunity to reject the offer.

Anyhow, getting a GST consultant need to have
a) IT GST Software knowledge
b) GST knowledge
c) Business Operation flow knowledge
d) Accounts knowledge
e) Finance knowledge
f) Industry knowledge

which I notice it is very hard to find. It's an opportunity for Custom to build their strength while these weaknesses appear all over the place in a company.

You may contact me for further information. Thanks.


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