Life : Human Cancer in Top 10 List

It is important to live our life meaningful, eat healthy, live healthy and stay healthy. The image above is found from internet. Though this topic seems not popular and not even listed in the normal book syllabus, but everybody is personally experiencing it in near future.

LOGICALLY 01 : Don't we all knew it?

In order to live longer, cancer is part of the journey that everyone need to fight to live longer. Everyone has the cells that able to translate it into a healthy or cancerous cell or mutated cell.

Here is an example:

Everyone know how to differentiate people by looking at the appearance, such as,

Wow, he got muscle six pack, she has a beautiful body and pretty - which is why TV advertisement would find these people to promote their sport or healthy products to categorize these people are in the "healthy" shape. While looking back among ourselves, we are not able to do advertisement like that, due to the fact that we are "out of shape" or probably "average" in shape.  

In other words, does bad physical shape and average shape or healthy physical looks projects a message that which one is healthy?

LOGICALLY 02 : Doesn't everyone has natural medicine?

One day I help my mother to chose garlic in Tesco, one old Malay lady ask, 'makan ape untuk hilang gas', to my surprise, we briefly say 'halia', and she asked 'macam mane masak', as we do not expect Malay would not have their own remedies to solve the problem. Furthermore, we seldom use Malay word to explain how to cook, so the explanation doesn't get through quite well.

When we all are getting old, health become a main topic. A lot of ways to stay healthy with some minimum expenses as low as RM5 daily, but people are having many other important things on hand to handle, such as personal matters, children affairs, financial problems and business matters. Yeap, everyone is busy.

LOGICALLY 03 : Don't we know Toxicity of the Cancer?
Cancer, in my opinion, it's rather toxic stuck in our body. Just like one drop of ink into the clear water. Two drops ink = 1st stage, Ten drops ink = Final Stage of cancer. How difficult to remove ink from the water is the same difficult way to remove cancer of our body system. Because it is in our body cell that generates the cancer cell.

LOGICALLY 04 : Don't we know how to stay healthy?
There are many talks organized by hospital or specific organization, but people which includes me tends to be more afraid to deal with this kind of "surprises" lies ahead.

Every public seminars or talks is more likely on the following follow:-

The symptom = Diagnose = Treatment

The awareness = The symptom = Diagnose = Treatment

rather into

The awareness = Healthy Eating = Healthy Living = Checkup

What I would suggest is that aware of the situation, have you sufficiently buy any insurance protection yet?

Get yourself healthy first for about a year. After that, once you find yourself ready, do a full body check-up. That would lessen the worries you all have in mind, and to discover your body is in good working condition.

You may upkeep your car maintenance every 3 months, why not your own body upkeep?

LOGICALLY 05 : Don't we know it is cheaper to stay healthy rather than surgery?
For guys, six pack does need sometime, even longer time for those having fat on their body.
For girls, getting a model body to fit nicely cloth, does need some time also.

For healthy, also got stages.... would six pack means the "most healthy" stage for you?
Would running 1km within 30 minutes mean most healthy for you?
You could not even walk 1km mean what to you?

I do not think it would cost so much in order to stay healthy by doing it our ownself, exercise our own, cooking our own, having some supplement. But it would cost so much to spend in a one day hospital treatment with no 100% guarantee in any surgery even with 5% failure.

Live smartly and stay tune for my blog article on how to get rid of toxic in our body.


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