GST : Registration Particulars

Everybody become more aware that registration actually starts on 1st June 2014. So far not many people have attended the GST talks, which might cost above RM500 per person which is claimable under HRDF. For a smaller business, it could be a high price for a seminar, consider it as an expensive talk.

Anyhow, registration has started. There is an urgency for saying "must register before 31 December 2014", which I might suspect, there would be a delay on processing due to many unforeseen and foreseen circumstances which delay company to obtain a GST ID number.

To avoid such unnecessary delay, 6 months is quite a sufficient time to get things ready, especially GST ID to appear in the Tax invoices and to appoint authorized person to handle GST beside own boss him/herself.

GST registration form can be found with the link below.

GST registration online can be found with the link below.

Form involved for initially is GST-01. GST-01 would tell what are the appropriate form needed while filling the form. Due to the advances of Information Technologies, email address is needed from the Business Owner or Directors or Person in charge.

GST also request particulars of authorised person or person(s) to be registered in the form, which indicates who are the person in charge of GST for future GST audit or GST issue if arise. Particulars such as, name, I/C, email, telephone, fax, residential address, designation, appointed date, and signature are requested. Of course, those who handle full set of accounts might fit in into this category because handling GST matters at the same time.

Are we all ready for it?

Below is the Industry Codes (Piawaian Klasifikasi Perindustrian Malaysia 2008) for your findings on industry code in the Part D GST-01 form. However, you may find the industry code is same as business code "kod perniagaan" inside Form-C if you are Sdn Bhd.

You may click the above website to search MSIC code

GST does mention that there are things would change, therefore kindly update yourself with GST or Custom. Such as penalty rate for not register, has changed from RM200 for 30 days into RM1500 for 30 days. 60 days would be RM3000. Under "Guide on Registration - 23April2014".


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