Retirement : RM1 Million Per Person?

Inflation Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2011

INFLATION is cruel, how do we make it if the retirement age starts with 55 or 60...  and how are the expenses after that if we live until 85 years old, which is 30 years ahead.

A single person earn today RM3,000 monthly might need RM1.8Million for retirement, while a single person who earn today RM5,000 monthly might need RM3.1Million to maintain the same lifestyle. Or else, stay using old cars, stay at home, and seldom go travel, eat less, and might save all money for medication cost.

Below is using the inflation rate from 1980 - 2009, to stimulate the future 30 years ahead.
下面是以1980年 - 2009年的通胀率,以计算未来的30年。

If you are start reading books as in this kind of topics, you would realise that you are actually moving forward to look for books how to earn wealth in the long run as your interest. For me there is no 100% strategy to works on everybody. Most of us could not achieve it, and rather start spending time finding reason to complain it, complain everyone, everything, and not forgetting complain ourselves also. I'm one of them too.

Maybe start aging, it's become clearer that, by following this topic, it takes piece by piece, step by step in order to solve the full puzzle, in order to take control of your life. I want to take control of mine too.

Most people always admire people for other people achievement and says it could not happen to you. There are a lot of reasons given such as no time, no resources, no money, no skill and so on.

Let see an example,

If you are 10 years old, you would say, I'm learning
If you are 20 years old, you would say, still young
If you are 30 years old, you would say, no time
If you are 40 years old, you would say, no money, money is for children, parents
If you are 50 years old, you would say, everyone is having the same skill
If you are 60 years old, you would say, too old for anything, hoping the children
and so on,

Each years represents their own stages of problems. So what interests you anyway in your life?
One step I have taken is to spend sometime in this blog, the topic to be financial sustainability for  whole life, is because it is in the process of knowing myself and through writing, what other people taught us would refreshen up.

The answer is

"Interest" + "Passion" + "Desire" + "Money" would generate "Know-how".
兴趣 + 激情/热情 + 欲望 + 金钱意识 将产生 “知道如何” 的推动魔力

Find this criteria from the successful billionaire / millionaire and list them out and learn, study them carefully, is it because products? is it because of services? or is it because of shares?

I like the people describe on their opinion on differentiating "Passion" and "Desire" such as:-
An interest rouses your curiosity. A Passion is more being related whereas desire is ego related, both stir us up, passion unifies, desire exploits!

Frankly speaking, I do know people are clicking my popular post on "EPF Portfolio". A good sign for that, follow big players on the safety part before jump into the riskier counter. If I'm not updating, how would they be now?

While in the other hand is some part of the article is Chinese + English, while some is full English. If you are Chinese educated, would English stops you from learning?

There are books written in Chinese and English separately. Reading Eastern or Western view on billionaire topics would generate fast learning process.

By comparing a person who makes overseas trip with a person never been to overseas, you would probably know what is the differences. A lot more greener in other countries or a lot more things to be done locally? Start define your "Interest" + "Passion" + "Desire" + "Money" for solving retirement.

I'm also like you, need to retirement without financial problem.

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