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GST website has ready with the following information
One has already confuse with all the information spread out from the custom website, however, following are some guideline for your reference to search for information.
a. What you need to do
b. General Guide / Industries Guides
c. GST Registration Form/GST Registration Guideline (form is ready)
d. Exempted List /0% Rated List.
e. Specific Guide Item (13) - Sample Invoice

One might be concerned that all guideline from GST seems like a guideline, but it is advisable for you that some of the procedure need to get approval first, such as simplified Invoice format must get approval while full invoice format doesn't require. So with Credit Note, Debit Note, and Timing of issuing the invoice. All the GST submission must sent online, or else courier to KL centre. Claiming input tax (or we prefer to call it purchasing tax), the supplier invoice must contain sufficient  GST information to qualify claiming the input tax.

GST is to be paid once invoices is issued, although collection is done after 30 days / 60 days / 90 days /  120 days from customer. If you would like to seek for GST paid after payment is made from customer, approval need to be obtained.

Regarding foreign currency invoice, all must contain local currency in the same invoice based on custom given exchange rate.

Of course this is as at February 2014 update information, we might expect some changes or not during the end of Mar 2015. One must get ready before 01.04.2015 for the registration of GST form, IT System for issue invoice / CN / DN / DO, Stock Code Product, classification of product as in Zero rated, standard rated and exempted rate, and arrangement of man power for perform all these task, and etc... One must also get notice, purchase and sales amount has to be tally with the accounts when submitted to income tax while inventories or stock balance is strictly traceable. Conduct stock check before GST is advisable, as you would become more cash conscious on your cash book due to old stock and slow moving stock.

Kindly contact custom personally for specific request or inquiry due to different industries requirement.

What you need to do
Industries Guideline

GST Form

GST Zero Rate / Exempted Rate
Specific Guide


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