Five (5) Guidelines in Shares

Buy low and sell high, is basically very straight forward, buying at low price, and selling at higher price to get profit in shares.

Well, what defines low price? It is when people start selling shares, and the shares price starts dropping, that's how you could enter at lower prices, or possible lowest prices. This is much easier when present it in the chart drawing.


Analyse who and who selling is basically nonsense, as everyone will hold and sell their shares at what price is their wish. You are probably holding too little shares and you would not know their real action in transaction.

Of course, it is the question which based on yourself, do you like certain industry other than other industries. Does this company's performance is worst than any other company in the same industry?

So what price should you enter then?
You may wish to decide the following before enter.
a) choose a profitable and sustainable industry 选择一个有利可图的和可持续发展的行业
b) select good performer in the same industry 在同行业中选择最佳表现公司

c) capture low price looking at chart 捕捉低价格看图表
d) stop loss calculation 作出止损计算
e) target profit sell off 设定目标利润抛售

For examples : TENAGA, BIG, and PWORTH, which industry worth invest at a low price at your confident level.


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