Movie : World War Z (The Thought)

At first sight, it seems like another zombies kind of movie that we are familiar with. Nothing interesting in the sense of how zombies would behave. However if we look at it in a different angle, how would you think of, what if 


a) a human is infected 一旦人类受感染
b) how does it behave? 它会有如何的形式活动力
c) how fast it spread? 传播速度
d) how does it spread? 传播方式
e) the impact when it spread蔓延的趋势影响力
f) how to prevent the spread? 如何防止扩散
g) how's human life dealing with these infected people 人类如何接触受感染者
h) how's human react with the close one or loves one. 如何作出反应如果感染者是身边人
i) what is the cure? 怎样解决这个问题
j) what or who would be the test subject to find the cure? 谁或什么成为试验品寻找治疗方案
k) is there really a cure? 真有治愈方法
l) how would the cure being delivered? 如何有效传播治疗方式

Human life is basically vulnerable if the unknown virus, unknown bacteria, unknown source is transmissible through human or animals within a short period of time in a globalization world. Finding a cure can be as tough as the movie show. Great movie after all.

I do not see it as a zombie movie, but how danger of that infectious infection would create a disastrous world, that put human life into extinction and scare.



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