Movie : Fast & Furious 6 (The Thought)

Along the way, you might notice that there are few words being "emphasized", that we are actually not deaf enough hearing what they are trying to say : 

a. This is who you are
b. This is who we are
c. This is who I am

while the storyline is putting emphasis on
a. we are stronger in team
b. not giving up our family members

We might think that the car should be futuristic good looking car, where else, the car simply is measured in speed, power, skill and skill of driving. Beside this team is having other skill the comes along the personality of each driver, such as works as a cop before, using fire arm, fighter, computerized system, and etc...

So a good team simply means how each individual of the team would and could get along together with different background and skill but shares the same interest, hobby and not forgetting money and freedom.

Everyone is good at something, get along with that team and developed marvelous skill. Of course that indirectly developed friendship as well as close enough to call as own families to care for each other.

Watch this great movie, and tell us when they are saying it "this is who you are", "this is who we are", and "this is who I am". We would expecting that the risk of the losing family members do occur of the stuff we are involved with and well versed with. As in this case, the enemy that we played with or unknown of.


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