Movie : Man of Steel (The Thought)

Man of Steel is really great to be watched, not bad after all, even though last time since we are young, the catch phrase "It's a bird....It's a Plane....It's Superman", that TV Series, Cartoons are spread all over the media network into the world called "earth".

Aliens = Species ?
Superman's latest shines when it focuses on the people around him and within him. As in other word, the species he is and to adapt the species he is not. Human species does communicate each other to survive, to multiply as a community and death is unavoidable. If aliens is a living form, it would go through the same process that we name it as "species" from the galaxy, as human species also part of the galaxy.

Aliens Camouflage ?
At first thought, we might get the idea that this species has the appearance physically and with spoken language that match with the westerners. Ops.. sorry to destroy the storyline.

Anyhow, I am not going to tell how this movie goes, but I am happy that how it displays the "power" or the behavior of aliens works on earth. In order for a species to travel far to search for another species for many type of "stones" across the galaxy would be a time consuming. However, once the species (known as alien), has identified there are a living form, it would be quite a frequent visit to adapt or to learn the species by hiding or camouflage.

First Encounter? It would be a Species that have the flying technology in Galaxy.
Imagine, if there is ever we had an alien to arrive on earth, this species is definitely good at flying technically with UFO. Why we name it UFO? just like why we would name it Superman? Does "S" means superman?
Human species itself would create names for each type of item in nature, however it won't be the same name for the other species that they are calling it.

From this movie, it captures some sense of  "travel through space" or "travel speed of light" that UFO and Aliens has. Good job, superman does show that capacity to "ignore" gravity and space. From our knowledge, Earth is one "stone" in the galaxy that sustain different kind of species living in it, that could be destroyed and could be created during different age such as, dinasour age, ice age, stone age...and etc... There are however, across the galaxy, floating many "stones" out there, that we prefer to say "we are not alone" in the galaxy. From the web resources, Earth is located in the Solar System, and the Solar System is located about 25,000 light-years away from the core of the Milky way galaxy. We’re located in the Orion Spur, which is a minor arm located in between the two major galactic arms.

First Encounter? Alien Intention?
What are the aliens' intention would draw different outcome happening to the earth. Therefore, if it ever happen, we always ask them what is their intention. If their intention to invade, probably human species would have face some trouble.

Could we ever fly in light speed?
Earth's "Gravity" is putting heavy things a longer time taken to travel, but we do build a plane to fly over the sky. If we ever believe we are going to extinct one day, building a space ship would be much more faster than other species in the galaxy. The answer is yes, the galaxy energy that binds together. I believe the magnetic field energy would be the answer to speed and gravity.

In summary, since we know we have moon beside the earth and living in the galaxy. Making contact with aliens or aliens making contact with us would create cautious and pressure among human species. From my point of view, the message in the 'Man of Steel', the question of, would you like to know aliens/species live among us or in the galaxy, Are we ready welcoming them or we just make contact and do not welcome them? Because, Superman does dress up to be another guy not to expose himself after all.

What do human species really want actually? Your comment is welcome.


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