Hong Kong Trip 01: Disneyland Resort

Ever thought of doing a Free & Easy travel? It consumes quite some effort to plan the things well, good foods, drinks, accommodations, transportation, tourist spot, things to buy, having fun together and with whom along the trip. Not forgetting the condition of the weather and temperature.
Being a tourist of my own, would make sure all of the above items are in the list and a map in my hand.

Location : Disneyland Hong Kong
Session : Morning until Night
Price : HKD399 (RM160)
Website : http://park.hongkongdisneyland.com
Map : Near HK Airport

Please do make sure Disneyland would be in your list as not every country would have a Disneyland. Considered it as a one-day trip and you would not miss out the fireworks at the end of the day. Get a schedule before hand from the Hong Kong Disney website because I am noticing most people know where they want to go and start to queue and wait.

Buying the ticket in Hong Kong International Airport would be cheaper than the entrance.

Don't plan to enter any theme park during weekend day or public holidays if you have less patient in waiting for any queue such as buying ticket, enter the show, or taking photo with Mickey and etc...

Food or drinks inside Disneyland would definitely a price concern for tourist.

  * This is me, the Entrance Gate with the Disney Ticket.
* The Front Entrance 
 * The Fountain
* The Fountain (at night)

* The Entrance after the ticket
* There are a lot of events or performance during the day, make sure you have printed out the timetable or schedule from HK Disneyland website.

* You will be amazed during the fireworks. A nice photo is taken.
* A bad photo taken, which is caught on fire. Heheheh.

Wherever the tourist spots are, there is going to be huge crowd, and a lot of walking. Getting a good nite vision camera is definitely a need for every tourists. Just snap until you get the nice one.


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