The Business Tool for FMCG

The Needs of Business Tool (FMCG)
I have written the following programs and I am proud of it, that so far this piece of program really help the owner to perform their business of being FMCG pushing this program to the limits.


No doubt every business opening is for profit generating and to survive. Knowing the product, knowing the demand, knowing the cost, setting the selling price, has become part of the life and instinct. A good written program should be able to communicate with the users, and the users should able to appreciate this master piece of tool.

A good business tool,  you would be experiencing 好的工具,您将体会到以下过程
a) Recording 记录方式
b) Controlling 控制过程
c) Analysing 分析各种错误
d) Simulation 假设性
e) Suggestion 建设性


Option 1 would bring out the item with negative balance stocks. 

 Option 5 would bring out the item without cost price.

Ever thought of having one of your own? 您是否拥有个?联络我并不难。
Next would introduce Business tool for business trading, products with different size, length, brand, for factory,  machinery, construction, plant, motor vehicles, and etc...


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