Real Estate Investment : 01

Real Estate is quite an interesting topic after all. It is good for me to write this article as I continue writing, I would probably have learn something new from other resources that would benefit everyone along the way. An investment towards real estate simply means people is requesting and hoping the return of investment from selling it.

Basically those who sell real estate (as we know it the seller should be making the profit), and those who plan to buy the properties (as we know it the buyer pay for the price for making other people have the profit)

The unwillingness to sell at loss is making the buyer looks even more stupid in the real estate industry as compare to other industries due to the subjective on valuation of the real estate. Therefore it is not a game for everyone who plans to invest or dive into the real estate investment, unless buying it and not investing it.







以下是该网站房地产列表: -

Below is the site list for the real estate:-

Full view Real Estate Site
Download Real Estate Site

Here's sample on how selection in the process for consideration:-

Full view Selection
Download Selection


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