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December 30, 2012

Poh Kong Holdings Bhd

Poh Kong Holdings Bhd, perhaps it is the nature of the business, the investment towards inventories would be higher than fixed assets, as the industries itself would probably define what is really valuable non other than.... "you name it". Therefore, this industry requires inventories at a high level, preferably not to exceed 1.5 years.

也许是属于有性质的业务,存货投资会高于固定资产特别多,行业本身也定义了什么是真正有价值的莫非是.... “您猜难不倒您”。因此,此行业会以存货在一个较高的水平将选择不超过1.5

 Latest Annual Audited Accounts   最新年度财务报表 31.07.2012
 01. Gross Profit Margin more than 15%  
 Yes 是
 02. Net Profit before Tax more than 5%  
 Yes 是
 03. Dividends on Ordinary Shares over Comprehensive Income
 04. Retained Earnings 保留溢利 Yes 是
 05. Current Assets more than Fixed Assets
             流动资产 超越 固定资产
Yes 是
 06. Current Ratio more than 1.50 流动比率超过1.50 
Yes 是
 07. Fast Cash Flow Positive 正面快速现金流转 Yes 是
 08. Inventory (Stock) Turnover 存货周转时期 11.10 months 个月
 09. Debtor (Customer) Turnover 客户周转时期 0.02 months 个月
 10. Creditor (Supplier) Turnover 供应商周转时期 0.67 months 个月

* Kindly works with your calculation. The above is for illustration purpose.

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