Home Fire Extinguisher : How important it is

Everywhere we travel, at our working place, factory, or shopping centre or restaurant, it seems that we may notice a fire extinguisher around the corner or they equipped with fire alarm system.

As in residential area, even though our house we live is protected by the fire insurance, and as human are protected by insurance. However preventive measure has to be done to secure ourselves or our loves one in the same residential house that the way of dying in the fire or smoke is simply horrible and suffering.

Two main item would trigger fire in the house would be the "cooking" area and "electricity short circuit". Without any equipment ready for fighting at the moment of needs, and the risk of getting burnt and lost of lives in our family members would be a nightmare for the rest of our lives printed in our memory.

Therefore, just to make sure before something went wrong, I bought a small 30cm in height fire-extinguisher cost around RM50-RM100 for myself and my parent house, and put somewhere around the corner noticeable. As I would not like to see my family members getting burnt or die and live beside them suffering.

Do your part buy a fire extinguisher for a standby emergency. Of course, one may like to set up a fire alarm system if it fits the bill and with regular checking.







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