Buying or Invesment?

Imagine Buying and Investment differences.  
"We are buying a property", normally the intention of owning it.
"We are investing in property", normally the intention to sell it for the Return of Investment.

The return of investment in property, basically take years, however knowing the low price and the target acceptable market price, it would be a short term selling it off which is able to absorb the tax value and loan interest. The tips is how to create value for that particular properties and what are the key factors for the properties to fetch a high price?

Just imagine, one property for 5 years investment, how many 5 years do we have? In other words, people would probably take 1 property for each year, therefore within 5 years, they have 5 properties. After that,   each properties plan to be sold for the 6th year, 7th year, 8th year, 9th year and 10th year. And each year would replace with another property.

Have you played MONOPOLY games?

“我们是购买产业”, 一般情况下是拥有它的意思。

投资回报率,基本上要花上数年时间,但是我们知道,以低价格和市场上的目标价格, 它将会是一个短期销售,赚到的也意味到加入税值和贷款利息。这也提示了如果您知如何投资,是如何创造有价值性的,特别的属性和怎样的关键因素以获取了蛮高的价值?

也想象一下,一个产业须5年来投资回报,其实又有多少个五年呢? 换句话说,人们可能会用每年投资一个产业,因此在5年内,他们有5个产业。 而计划售出在第6年、7年、8年、9年和10年。 并且每年将替换为另一个产业。


As long as we define the timeframe plus the return of investment, it simply investing, for example :-
a) receive rental fees monthly. Yeap, monthly is the timeframe, value is the return of investment.
b) selling off properties yearly. Yeap, yearly is the timeframe, selling value is the return of investment.

a) 每月收租。 每月是时间的锁定,租费是投资回报率
b) 每年出售产业。每年就是时间的锁定,销售值是投资回报率

What about share?
Well, planning to sell it off with a higher price, within a timeframe, would consider return of investment.
However without timeframe concept, we probably means keeping it for the times we need the money.
How the price is going up, and how the price is going down, and what factor contribute this fluctuation of the share prices?

Therefore, getting a properties without selling it means buying that property.
Getting a share without knowing when and how, it means keeping it until the time to desperate to sell, most probably when share price is going down.

Therefore, study carefully, plan a system, study what Investment works best for you.



Below is a tool, to capture market price, and the timeframe and percentage of return. TAKESTOCK2.
可在 下载
The freeware download website page is

At the sold page, the "HELD" column is displayed. Just imagine in order to get 10% of investment, it probably take weeks or months to complete. If 10% is RM100, or RM1000, does the return of investment should be faster than property?

Therefore, timeframe, % value of return of investment, what kind of factor, should be at your finger tips, learning how winning shares should more than losses shares. Start practise without spending any money yet.

在销售页面中,“HELD”列中显示。 想象一下,要获取10%的回报率的投资,可能需几个周或数月才能完成。 如果10%代表马币100或马币1000,投资回报率该是比产业投资来得快?



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