Borneo Oil Bhd

Borneo Oil Bhd, has an attractive Gross Profit Margin above 30%. However at the end achieving net loss before taxation. Other operating income seems to be having great impact for previous financial year.
Fixed assets contributes a huge amount as compare to current assets value.


 Description 描述  Latest 最新财务报表
 Current Assets more than Fixed Assets
 流动资产 超越 固定资产
  No 否
 Current Ratio more than 1.50 流动比率超过1.50 
  No 否
 Net Profit before Tax 除税前溢   No 否
 Fast Cash Flow Positive 正面快速现金流转  No 否
 Other Receivables over Current Assets  
 Other payables over Current Liabilities   
 Retained Earnings 保留溢利  No 否
 Biggest Turnover (Debtor)  最长周转时期(债务人) 1.63 months 个月

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