MYR/HKD Currency Exchange

From the chart, apparently with the range of
a) MYR1.00 = HKD2.60
b) MYR1.00 = HKD2.40
c) MYR1.00 = HKD2.20
d) MYR1.00 = HKD2.00

We may define it as HKD2.60 is the highest, HKD2.40 is the medium, HKD2.20 is the lowest.
However, one may be interested to define it as follows:
HKD2.80 is the highest, HKD2.60 is the medium, HKD2.40 is the lowest.

For those who like to travel to Hong Kong, we may define HKD2.40 is the most expensive, HKD2.60 is the moderate, while HKD2.80 would be cheapest to travel to Hong Kong. However, for foreigners, HKD2.20 would be the cheapest for them to make a trip to Malaysia.

Either HKD2.80 is the cheapest or HKD2.60 is the cheapest, at least the chart would show you the concept of  what level of currency exchange we are having now and the expectation of the value of exchange.


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