EUR/MYR Currency Exchange

From the chart, apparently with the range of
a) EUR1.00 = RM5.00
b) EUR1.00 = RM4.50
c) EUR1.00 = RM4.00
d) EUR1.00 = RM3.50

We may define it as RM5.00 is the highest, RM4.50 is the medium, RM4.00 is the lowest.
However, one may be interested to define it as follows:
RM4.50 is the highest, RM4.00 is the medium, RM3.50 is the lowest.

Either RM4.00 is the lowest or RM3.50 is the lowest, or wait for RM3.00, at least the chart would show us the concept of  "Buy Low" and "Sell High" with the selection of definition of the Low that we feel LOW. There is no 100% guarantee it is the lowest, and bear in mind "INVESTMENT" does comes along with its partner "RISK", whether the risk is being minimized at the lowest.


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