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Berjaya Corporation Bhd, needs some "initiative work" to figure out some strategies to keep the group in a good position. 需要稍微些“主动工作”,寻找出一些策略,以保持本集团一个好的位置

The increase of Fixed Assets 30.04.2008, has made some impact on sales on the following years, however, this impact doesn't provide equivalent performance towards net profit before tax (NPBT) as compared to NPBT for 30.04.2007 and 30.04.2005. The fixed assets namely Intangible Assets, Gaming Rights

By comparing 30.04.2009 and 30.04.2010, Gross Profit increase 286,208 while all expenses eats up gross profit 289,702 at the same time.

From Bursa Malaysia records, for 5 years financial reports, 3 times are found to make some amendments to the financial reports and as usual the amendments would "have no effect on the results and financial position of BJCorp." I wonder if it is the same person who prepare the financial reports or he/she just simply needs some more time to look thoroughly on the reports.

Borrowings has increased while Fast Cash Flow has dragged into the negative zone further. Although achieved net profit before tax most of the years.
借款增加而快速现金流转进入更深的负面区域 虽然多年都获得除税前溢

 Description 描述  Latest 最新财务报表
 Current Assets more than Fixed Assets
 流动资产 超越 固定资产
 No 否
 Current Ratio more than 1.50 流动比率超过1.50 
 No 否
 Net Profit before Tax 除税前溢  Yes 是
 Fast Cash Flow Positive 正面快速现金流转 No 否
 Deposits with financial institutions over Current Assets  
 Trade and Other Payable over Current Liabilities
 Retained Earnings 保留溢利 Yes 是
 Biggest Turnover (Stock)  最长周转时期(存货) 2.33 months 个月

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