Telekom Malaysia Bhd

Telekom Malaysia Bhd, has a de-merger process, that to create 2 separate entities. During the process, mostly everything drop, that includes

a) Fixed Assets value, b) Profit, c) Borrowings

And at the same time, it reflects 
a) Fast Cash Flow is in the negative zone.
b) Revenue Increase slightly, but borrowings and fixed assets deems to be increased.
c) Gross Profit Margin sustain at the certain rate.

Overall Performance : Nothing much if Fixed Assets and Borrowings increase vs Revenue Increase would make drag the Fast Cash Flow going deeper.

 Description 描述  Latest 最新财务报表
 Current Assets more than Fixed Assets
 流动资产 超越 固定资产
 No 否
 Current Ratio more than 1.50 流动比率超过1.50 
No 否
 Net Profit before Tax 除税前溢  Yes 是
 Fast Cash Flow Positive 正面快速现金流转 No 否
 Cash and bank balances over Current Assets  
 Trade and Other Payables over Current Liabilities
 Retained Earnings 保留溢利 Yes 是
 Biggest Turnover (Creditor)  最长周转时期(债权人) 2.96 months 个月

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