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(1) Rich Dad Poor Dad?

We sometime read a lot of books, financial or investments or motivations to enrich our knowledge. Well, Robert Toru Kiyosaki, is best known for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series of motivational books and other material published under the Rich Dad brand.

Stop!!! If we really look at some analysis done on human kind, such as Poor and Rich, on how would people spend their money and where would they put or invest their money and how they become rich as compare to poor people, we would definitely figure out how to write some article as what Robert Kiyosaki did.

Stop Again!!! It is a motivational book and not an investment book neither a strategy book. When we read motivation books, it contains approximately 95% of the emotion content while leaving us about 5% of the decision could be made. Therefore motivational books do not reveal any actions, but to encourage us to think either emotionally and to overcome something emotionally, or to reach a certain stage, we called it is a 'positive' thinking.

Caution!!! Just bear in mind that with any motivational books out there, it is aim to assist us to build up our inner strength from our weakness. Examples that are given in books some might apply and some won't due to skills, or the environment that we are living in. In other words, it is very hard to "copy-cat" other people skills with a book on hand. It would take years or never ending to find out that we might actually reading other people's success story that won't relate to us. The good news is, we like to hear there is a "bigger" us inside. The bad news is, we always hear other people success.

When words being conveyed in a such ridiculous way or aggressive way by any sales person, that might turns out to like this “If we don’t do this, we would be like this forever”. And the message would becomes such “literally”, that actually translate the same meaning of whether Robert Kiyosaki is telling us to “get a job” or “don’t get a job”, literally.

* If you are into business, probably you would ask, do you know how to make profit?
* If you are into working, probably you would ask, do you know how to get to the top?
* If you like that girl, probably you would ask, do you know how to impress her?
* If you are into financial freedom, probably you would ask, do you know how to be financial educated?
 In summary, how bad are you at this point to be financial freedom would not beat how Robert Kiyosaki feelings during his beginning stage.
How bad are you is to be "RICH" or to be "FINANCIAL FREEDOM"?
Is it the same concept as to be "RICH" and as to be "Financial Freedom" in the first place?

How fast do you "Take control of your life"?
Lets' see how other address it, it is a SCAM

Robert Kiyosaki's Seminar SCAM comment

or else enjoy reading

Robert Kiyosaki's Official Website

To give a comment over the Rich Dad Poor Dad, it would be...
1. Being an Employee,
we use time and energy, other people formula to earn money.

2. Being Self-Employed,
we use time and energy, own formula to make money.

3. Being in Business,
we use mind and energy, mixing formulas to manage people to make money.

4. For Investment,
we use mind, mixing formulas to manage money to make money.

As for investment, we separate it into 3 levels.:-
1st level - able to produce employee income monthly.
2nd level - able to produce self-employed income weekly.
3rd level - able to produce business income daily.

* Basically it is a hierarchy of human support each other in a population in a country and which path we are choosing, which is the one able to lead at different level, and being a follower at the different level at the same time. *

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