GPro Technologies Bhd

GPro Technologies Bhd, has achieved net loss before tax most of the years, but not in 2011 and 2004.

Figure from High to low:
a) Current ratio and fast cash flow, subsequently seems to bounce back
b) Fixed assets, lowest
c) Fixed deposit to 0
d) Cash and Cash equivalents the lowest

A track record of mostly yearly Net Loss before tax, combining figure from high to low, just wondering whether they have real strategy in 2011 that really works for the coming years?

 Description  Latest
 Current Assets more than Fixed Assets   Yes
 Current Ratio more than 1.50 Yes
 Net Profit before Tax Yes
 Fast Cash Flow Positive Yes
 Inventories over Current Assets 45%
 Other Payables & Accruals over Current Liabilities   81%
 Retained Earnings  No
 Biggest Turnover (Inventories) 24 months

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