Mulpha International Bhd

Mulpha International Bhd, has a very attractive margin while competing other expenses to achieve net profit. There are some changes in presenting the financial report, whereby previously operating expenses has shown us the top expenses, while with new presentation, it is other expenses which is becoming the top expenses.

Perhaps, they did notice my blog on how I address this issue previously.

Current ratio has shown us the ups and downs, in fact, we would hard to locate which other same company would be having this kind of pattern. If we were interested for the analysis, the items inside the current ratio would be the story.

"Catch me if you can" would probably suits for explaining this company.

 Description  Latest
 Current Assets more than Fixed Assets   No
 Current Ratio more than 1.50 No
 Net Profit before Tax Yes
 Fast Cash Flow Positive No
 Inventories over Current Assets 34%
 Loan and Borrowings over Current Liabilities   82%
 Retained Earnings  Yes
 Biggest Turnover (Stocks) 26.94 months

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