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Due to the article published from The Star, Malaysian Airline System (MAS) Unions: 'Hear Us Out' by B.K. Sidhu, StarBizweek, Saturday, 19 May 2012, just wonder if the voice of Employee could be equivalent to the voice of the Employer as in this part, we might guess employer would be

a) Directors?
b) Shareholders?
c) Top Management Staff?

Download MAS & AIRASIA Revenue & Cost Comparison

People tends to make a lot of decisions when things or matters happen. From the analysis of the both Airlines above, it is very straight forward that Revenue and Cost make so much difference in the operating of a business.

Therefore, coming towards into the question of Increasing Revenue or Reducing Cost?

Let's see

Download MAS & AIRASIA Cost Analysis

From the information given,
AirAsia has achieved only 33% of the MAS Revenue. MAS should be happy about it, since it's 3 times bigger than the AirAsia.

Now comes to the costing,
If we make MAS smaller into AirAsia Revenue scale, MAS would be making a losses of (RM755,802,000) as compare to operating profit AirAsia RM1,162,520,000

From here, we might notice top 3 expenses that jam the operation of MAS itself:
a) Staff Costs
b) Operating Lease and Rental Expenses
c) Maintenance and Overhaul

if we take AirAsia Bhd as a comparison.

So the question of "Why are we not given a chance but consultants are hired and new people are parachuted into airline to do our work." by A Source,

That I would suspect the question of "who knows better?" comes up in the next meeting. Anyhow, nobody would know there is one big topic that we forgot all the time : "RISK MANAGEMENT", instead of MAKE MORE REVENUE and CUT COST.

When we drive a car, we know the risk, then we take up the insurance policy, whereby we know the carelessness (accidentally) of human driving as a weakness. Without any safety net, losing both human (life) and non-human (car) is certainly a No No strategy.

How about business? I guess you guys would get the answer.

Well guys, I love analyze, this is what I would suggest:
"MAS, study the RISK and OPTIONS carefully would be the priorities in the list. It is not only HUMANS but also NON-HUMANS inside the company is an Assets and Burden at the sametime."

By the way directors from AirAsia Bhd :
a) Tan Sri Dr. Anthony Francis Fernandes
b) Dato' Kamarudin bin Meranun  

has joined as Director in MAS.


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    1. Thanks. Do come visit again. I guess MAS would move into a better future.


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