Malayan United Industries Bhd

Malayan United Industries Bhd, has been disposing its Fixed Assets especially, Property, Plant and Equipment since 2002, perhaps earlier, but not in 2010 and 2011. Net profit before taxation has been improving lately 3 years as compares to previously mostly achieve Net Loss yearly.

One formula has been introduced during the process of analyzing, is Gross Profit Over Total Borrowings. In 2002, it needs 10 years from the business to solve the borrowings, while in 2011, it needs just 4.35 years. This formula is very strict indeed, and even stricter when we put Net Profit over Total Borrowings.

As in summary, the Group is having the process of slimming down periods that already taken 9 years. The things must know when it stops slimming...

a) Total borrowings continue to reduce
b) Trade receivables turnover reduce

 Description  Latest
 Current Assets more than Fixed Assets   No
 Current Ratio more than 1.50 No
 Net Profit before Tax Yes
 Fast Cash Flow Positive No
 Deposits, bank balances and cash over Current Assets 43%
 Insurance contract liabilities over Current Liabilities   41%
 Retained Earnings  No
 Biggest Turnover (Creditors) 2.31 months

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