Supercomnet Technologies Bhd

Supercomnet Technologies Bhd, has made employee benefit expenses top list in the expenses list, which might be become break even point or losses from the revenue made. While other expenses comes second to rob all the profits if occurs.

However due to the improvement of GP Margin, it is able to achieve Net Profit before tax.

 Description  Latest
 Current Assets more than Fixed Assets   Yes
 Current Ratio more than 1.50 Yes
 Net Profit before Tax Yes
 Fast Cash Flow Positive Yes
 Inventories over Current Assets 43%
 Trade and Other Payables over Current Liabilities   96%
 Retained Earnings  Yes
 Biggest Turnover (Stock) 5.93 months

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  1. the company is a profitable company even in 2011 , but why t share price go sown suddenly ? any advice appreciated..

  2. there are so many ways to play shares, not necessarily those who bought the shares knows the company is profitable company or not. As you have mentioned, "the company is a profitable company even in 2011", which mean you would hold the shares for at least a year before you decide to sell it, because you are based on yearly financial report, wouldn't you?

    Anything happen in between the year, such as economy crisis, market doesn't look good, you won't take it as consideration for selling the shares, or else you becoming a daily trader which takes every second of news into consideration of selling and buying the shares.

    Yeap, short term or long term, would have to be your own objectives. Suddenly down as you say if you calculate the time period, 1 day suddenly down, or 1 year suddenly down, would make a huge different of what you are trying to tell us the type of investor you would like to become.


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