Protecting Ourself Financially in Lifetime Medical Expenses

In the 21st Century
Protecting Ourself Financially in Lifetime Medical Expenses

One may consider a future passive income instead of active income to achieve the status the financial freedom and earlier retirement. How do we achieve this?
Basically it's about the skills and mostly the things we enjoy to do and turn it into a money generating system, instead we are becoming a machine in our daily life until we are getting sick, tired and old in the future. Sound Easy to Understand?

Ever wonder why the life is becoming so tough? Well, it is mainly due to our demand that is so "high" by comparing products and services throughout the process of buying and choosing, and the concept of who is being "smart", "update", "high class" and who doesn't. 

You know what? Source of income input is always been one or two for a person, as compare to output of money that has plenty of items to be spent on. This is applicable to the companies as well, where revenue is only form the first part of the Income statement while the rest is recording the changing form of the money in the accounts.

We all have the spending for the following categories:
a) wearing
b) food
c) shelter
d) transport

with 21st century added
a) communication tools
b) entertainment
c) fitness
d) travel
e) hobby related expenses

One may forget that insurance does has its own meaning to protect perhaps "assist" us against the loss of life, disabilities, accidentally and sickness in the "financially" assistance, either fully or partially, throughout the life as a human.

This is very important as the existing spending is not as highly expensive than the medical fees to let us feel the pain inside and outside even with our financial proven freedom or passive income or active income. Once we have fully understand the insurance products we have bought, which might be new or old is to cover most part of our lifetime medical expenses.

After that, we could focus on our active (full-time), part time, and passive income strategy developing as the medical fees is taken care of fully or partially now and in the future.

Frankly speaking,
Full time job is a lot in the market, while the volume of part time job is less than the full time job. The volume of passive income is far less than the full time job and the part time job. Creating a passive income is a passion, dedicated, and pay attention to details to the demand that requires less time once standardization of the system is being created, and creation of demand at the same time.

In summary,
Protecting Ourself Financially in Lifetime Medical Expenses, is simpler to understand than the word "INSURANCE POLICY". However, we COULD NOT FIND "Protecting Ourself Financially in Lifetime Daily Job Income".


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