Industrial Age Transformation

In The 21st Century
Industrial Age?

Why Rich Dad Poor Dad express our lives should get out of the rat race faster? By looking at the definition of rat race, a continual routine of hectic competitive activity working in the City is a real rat race.

Ever wonder how stone age, iron age, industrial age, information technology (digital) age comes into our thoughts? How do we define age and what type of criteria for identification?

My definition would a bit different towards the online definition. It is having the following criteria:
a) Involvement of human and nature factor
b) Combination of the term of "acceptance", "influence", "adaptation" for current and future generation as a result to live better or to survive during a certain period of years.

This kind changes is apparently that we can not notice it until we define the following :

a) I can't live without a job
b) I can't live without a car
c) I can't live without electricity

and the future generation would say

a) I can't live without a mobile phone
b) I can't live without internet / face book.
and so on.

During this stage, let's us define Industrial age itself:
a) Job is recognized at this stage, can't live without a job
b) Mass production of different sector or industry to accommodates the needs of global demand.
c) Global exchange of technologies due to mass production
d) Supply and Demand involving Currency Exchange
e) Migration due to job allocation
f) Retirement Age is identified

as compares to Digital Age itself
a) Ideas, skill and knowledge is important
b) Internet is important to reach the global connection for delivery, services, and responses.
c) The power of more "self-employed" group as compares to "business" group people
d) Retirement, Job, Migration doesn't really matters, as it recognize income from the online transactions.
e) Transformation of certain industry is getting cheaper, such as
    "everyone can fly", "electronic gadget", "tourism" due to yearly reaction of incidents and crisis
f) The influence of Communication, Visual, Audio, Touch Screen from the Digital Age.
With the mass production of every products and services from industrial age, it needs influence of digital age to spread the news across the globe.

So what is the next age would gonna be? 
While everything seems to be generated by fuel, electricity, or battery to support the age transformation. What I could expect is the age of energy to sustain the life itself to combine the age of space to travel far beyond the earth. Wait, is there a Robot age? Well, the robot itself needs energy to recharge without hanging a bunch of cables and wires. It seems that we can't take everything from the "star-wars" or "star-trek", but we could know the basic information which is the life sustainability with oxygen into the space and the energy to generate the space ships with the clear communications in the space.

Wow, it seems very far that we are getting old and unable to reach the age to see this kind of things. Yeap, it's no point to project very far if we don't even know what Industry age is and what supports the age transformation.

Since the competition is getting tougher and tougher to earn a living in the city, everyone seems to keep very very little for their golden age, while younger generations is having their own trouble of keeping the money from spending.

Why does this happen? Well digital age is simply attraction and addictive to spend, with the visual, audio, touch, communication technologies to give you varieties information for you to spending:
a) where to buy branded or cheap stuff
b) better automobile, transportation
c) better house, properties
d) better job
e) better food
f) better clothes, garments
g) better tourist spots
h) better university
i) better entertainment

while industrial age is simply for you to have a job that support the basic needs of living and family. But how to stay alive through this kind of seductive medias and gadgets? Digital age works well to create a personality with different kind of skills, to be never satisfy for what they are having at the moment.

The real truth is that, you need to work for everything you own. So how to overcome this situation? 


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