Investment Return Value?

In The 21st Century
Investment Returns?

As for investment, we separate it into 3 levels.:-
1st level - able to produce employee income monthly.
2nd level - able to produce self-employed income weekly.
3rd level - able to produce business income daily.

In today's world, everyone talks about investment, but there is one thing that everyone does not quite notice is that the value of return in the investment is widely separated in the sense of type of investment. Which is who makes the rules, we only could accept it as it is.

for example :
Job. (Salary + Position + working hours) = Return of investment of your Time, Energy, and Ideas
Fixed Deposit = Return of investment of your Money and Time
for example to compare same return value :

Job, Monthly Return as in Salary RM3000
Fixed Deposit 3.3% per annum, Monthly Return as in RM3000, you need to invest RM1,090,090

Sound ridiculous kind of return value from different kind of investment right?
From my point of view, a great investment does mean to cover your monthly salary as in Value at the first place. But then where shall we start? Analyzing type of investment?

First, knowing your monthly salary rate to calculate hourly rate.
Let's say RM3000 is monthly salary, hourly rate would be RM3000 / 26 day / 8 hours = RM14.42 p/hour.

If you are considering perform a part time job, you would consider higher than RM14.42 p/hour rate, or else you are downgrading yourself into the foreign worker hourly rate, and asking yourself, does it sound logically in the return of investment of your time and energy to get the lower rate of hourly rate than the fixed salary hourly rate?

Therefore, an investment should worth your time and energy to spend on, learn to be calculative in the money sense, as in more "financially educated".

Gosh! some people might put it this way "we are materialistic and calculative", instead of everyone is trying to get out from debts and to survive a better life through the seductive environment in the industry age and digital age.

Frankly speaking, digital age or information technology age is a seductive age to assist you to spend since information is flowing everywhere, with "promotion", "cheap", "latest", "advance", "better", "luxury", "branding" strategies, so that to make the market alive to generate profits as well as you to make you feel the 'better' inside of you and outside of you.


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