Inflation does happen?

In The 21st Century 
Inflation does happen?

The real truth is that, you need to work for the money in exchange for a better life. Sound fair right?

And it applies for the following: 
a)  You certainly would think that you need to pay more for better and getting satisfaction for it.
b)  Supply sector say it is worth to pay more as it has more to offer to the consumer sector.
c)  During certain stage of natural disasters, or shortage, supply sector would increase price with reason.
d)  Salary increment for staff, employee to make them happy and feel appreciated.
e)  Shareholders like to see profits in the companies they have invested in.

As you may notice, it is much easier to increase price rather than reduce the price with reasons. Ever wonder you could give how many reasons to support the reducing price?

If we look that impact now is that, if we save USD300 per month, it might be the value of USD30 per month
after 40 years. Sound sad right? One might say, it is better to invest in the property, but that makes you tie to the financing institution, as financing institution has get their shares of profits by financing, with you having a job to work for quite some years and hoping people would rent and buy it at a higher rate than the bank loan. To be true, everyone is doing this to sell at higher price to cover bank loan with more profits, of course putting every property to a higher price yearly.

Looks like it is still remain as a rat race after all. You need to be smarter than that.

As seems everyone is understood what I'm trying to say, and work harder on it. Yeap!!! We depend on how people offers us the job and work hard on them, and not looking forward as how we going to create the demand over our offer.


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