Everyone is having same 24hours?

In The 21st Century
Human 24 hours 

Well, everyone has only 24 hours, how many hours left do we have after performing a full time job daily even if we are being so calculative on the hourly rate. Some may join to improve paper and technical qualifications by taking part time course, to improve future active income for the hourly rate, and some might change career in order to improve future active income, which is quite simple to understand.

One may consider a future passive income instead of active income to achieve the status the financial freedom and earlier retirement. How do we achieve this?

Normally we would see something like SPAM, SCAM is happening around us as it involves followings:-

Using people money with promises of the returns.

instead of being troublesome into the following planning :-

Using own professional skill to benefits millions or billions of people at the same time with charges based on the services or the products being offered. Er..., where and how could I do that? For example, everyone could sing, but do I have the talent or am I right for the market?

People tends to get themselves confuse, such as,
"I would like to retire young, but giving a lot of excuses on "tired', 'lazy', 'don't know how', and 'no time' for all that."

But for smart people out there, they would like to spend more hours with the family as they know that the working 8 hours is simply a repetitive work, like a machine, and transform it into a services, or a products that serves millions or billions of people at their own sweet hours. This is where, the value of the job is determined, when someone saying "I'm not able to find a person like you, or you are so good, or I would like you to teach me, or I would like to know more from you". In other words, the jobs itself has given you the satisfaction since people are giving you the good feedback.

for example:
Yoga trainer, instead of training a group of people, with repetitive routine, he/she might record the sessions into the digital form, and converts into digital youtube format and facebook supports fans, and serves into the internet : global market.  

But you might say, everyone is doing that? Just imagine, how do you get involved in the Yoga in the first place? is it your interest? there are billions and trillions of people out there, and you can't even get one customers or people to support your services or product?
If you hear someone says "You are not doing the job right, you are ridiculous" or perhaps nothing at all and you yourself are saying that "I am same as you" or "I am no different".

So the question of, do you have talent? is being express as simple as above. Your life is in your hand, if you are not able to control it yourself, you are being controlled by somebody else that you are not aware of.

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