Compilation List : Buying the Low

Being An Investor
Buying the Low

Regards of lowering the risk with many criteria, too many similar criteria might confuse you. Therefore, Simplified the main criteria means simplified the main risk.

The next step is knowing how low is low. One good idea is to catch the 52 weeks high, 52 weeks low. Why? When news reports that it has reached the yearly low, it does mean LOW actually. So how we do not know where and when shall we buy the shares from the low?

Let's say Digi
52weeks high = 3.990
52weeks low = 2.492
now = 3.950

So it is at the 97% yearly high if we would like to buy the shares at 3.950. A good practice would at lower than 30% of yearly high shares. But we would think it is very hard to find companies below than 30%? Well, that's why everyone of us need to have a list of companies at hand from the simplified risk list, then you would not get "boring" to watch the shares for a particular company when is the good time to buy. Of course, somebody would mention, please don't catch the falling knifes, actually the risk is being lowered once you have study lowering the risk and simplified the risk, and now catching the low for a higher return.

From the list below, you may notice that those RED high lighted percentage is based on at least 30% lower than the 52 weeks highest value. Of course, not forgetting the criteria of simplified the risk, expected dividend, fast cash flow, current ratio, GP margin and Net Profit before tax.


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