Compilation List : The Movement of Activeness

Being An Investor
The movement

After reading few of the compilation list, shouldn't it enough and ready to get into the shares market?

Well, not necessarily. Let's look at the volume of trading in value daily. Keep monitor their daily volume in value to identify the movements, activeness and the interests from the public to invest or to sell shares.

Which companies has more value in transactions in shares by comparing, such as Digi or Axiata or Genting or KNM?

For example:
There are 20 shops in a row. Just imagine 20 corporates companies in a row. Each shop has their own business to carry on. For daily transaction in the shares, some shop perform more transaction than the other shops, and some shop perform transaction with a huge amount of money.

Of course this transaction means something to the investor, non other than PROFITS. When there is a "IN" and normally an "OUT" is being noticed.

So "the issue of popularity",  "focus", as well as the "big players" is being noticed in this sense. Therefore, not forgetting the study of those corporates why having such active transactions.

For example, Air Asia has daily minimum 21 million and max 79 million in value traded this week. But some company is dash and dash sign due to lower than 1 million in daily value traded.


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