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Sometime I heard people are saying, "I lost all my money or I loss all the time through investment". For that, I'm trying to analyze what are they trying to tell me? Is it after having few times of trying, finally they are losing, or are they expressing they try only once, and they fail?

In my term of translation, it means "consistently" losing it for a few times. From here, I also trying to analyze, do they mean every time is a consistently 100% sure lose? and consistently amount of per losing? Let's see for an example:

First try, lose USD1000
2nd try, lose USD1500
3rd try, lose USD500

as compares to

First try, lose USD1000
2nd try, lose USD1000
3rd try, lose USD1000

as compares to

First try, lose USD1000
2nd try, win USD1500
3rd try, lose USD3500

From the example, does it carry the same meaning of consistency of losing?

In other words, how do we define the meaning of getting profits or winnings from the investment if we are unable to define the meaning of losing from the investment.

To be exact or to be summarized, those who gain profits through investment, is basically getting losing and profit investment "at the same time" for many times, however, it involves the consistency in winning that is able to cover the consistency of losing in which it would describe what is the meaning of investments as follows :

a) 1 winning covers more than 2 losings with manipulation of the value per entry.
b) More than 2 winnings is to cover 1 losing with fixed value

In other ways to describe, opportunity of winning = consistency of winning.

Well, the above is seems acceptable in whatever ways, however, it is a very basic skills for everyone of us. When it comes to "comfortable to loss" and "afford to lose", the whole process of consistency on investment is jam, whereby the chapter of RISK definition is involved, "willing to lose", "afford to lose", must be pre-determined before starting an investment.

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