June 11, 2015

Brain : Positive and Negative Thinking

I have come across with an article about Negative Thinking. Just wondering does brain need some exercise? Does brain health is an issue for us? Here is what I think.

If you aim to do a lot of negative thinking, your brain is channelled to produce negative thoughts.
same goes to
If you aim to do a lot of positive thinking, your brain is wired to produce positive thoughts.

Seeing an Angel and Devil above your head now?

So, why and how negative thinking happen?
Stress, moody, argument, bad things triggers the symptom.

Does negative thinking generates illness or disease?
Not directly, but you may wish to know why human is having "high blood pressure" and other diseases.

What is the next step to stop this happening?
1. Before anything happen, write down what are the positive things for you and in you.
2. Once happen, pay attention by stopping what you are doing.
3. Close your eyes if you need to.
4. Replace negative thoughts with the positive thoughts for some minutes.
* Do not use your brain to turn positive thoughts into negative thoughts.*
5. Walk away. Get some friends or people to talk to.

When you want to change the habits of how your brain thinks, your life would change.

Happy moments and feeling good, such as
a) travel overseas
b) satisfaction over a completion of a task
c) have learn a new skill
d) enjoy seeing other people happy
e) passing the exam
f) having a healthy body

My happy moments was going for Hong Kong Trip and Thailand Trip, visiting as many tourist spot as possible, eating the best food by both countries, buying a good wallet, which being planned together with friends, free and easy, within a specific period. Marvelous!!!

The choice is yours, how to be HAPPY is completely opposite of how to be NOT HAPPY.

Enjoy Life Everyone!

April 23, 2015

GST : Shoppers Guide

When searching the website, the shoppers guide actually comes from kpdnkk, by clicking the following link:-
http://ebook.kpdnkk.gov.my/   (not all browsers support)

For faster reference, kindly click the respective location of the following link to view, popup to show full page view:-

a) Zon Utara

b) Zon Timur

c) Zon Tengah

d) Zon Selatan

e) Zon Sabah

f) Zon Sarawak

Thank you.

April 6, 2015

GST : Manual or Electronic Receipts / Tax Invoice?

1. You may come across with Custom saying that

Business owners registered with the goods and services tax (GST) are only allowed to issue written invoices or receipts on technical grounds.

Customs Department GST division director Datuk T. Subromaniam said business premises were only allowed to issue manually written receipts temporarily until technical problems were resolved.

"It should be printed. Only when the machine or system breaks down or when there is an electricity supply disruption (are written invoices allowed).

"We do not allow issuing of written receipts indefinitely."

You may click the following for full story :------


2. However, it is the custom themselves provide the following guideline that Electronic or Manual for a tax invoice is allowable as below.

You may find it under Tax Invoice and Record Keeping Guideline page 15.

3. In the confusion of the above, sometime Custom has yet to finish their sentences.

Subromaniam said retailers such as mini markets were not allowed to issue handwritten invoices except pre-printed invoices.

He said pre-printed invoices must be printed with tax invoice, GST ID number, GST amount and others.

You may find the news link below:-

4. With the latest updates :
The Customs Department will allow traders to use their hand-written, pre-printed invoices to charge the Goods and Services Tax (GST) until the end of September.
Its GST Division director Datuk Subromaniam Tholasy however said these invoices would have had to be printed before the tax was implemented, and it only applies to hardware shops, restaurants, mini markets, grocery and sundry shops, book stores, pharmacies and places of entertainment. 

He also urged shop owners to invest in the POS system and GST-compliant cash registers as soon as possible to facilitate transactions between them and their consumers without any confusion.

You may find the news link below:-

In summary, it is advisable to change to a computerized or cash register system while they are forgetful about RM1000 GST e-voucher is just a very small amount to accommodate the changes. Some has not yet to receive the payment since last year submission.

March 29, 2015

GST : Car Price up or down?

When we are search across website searching what happen to the car price, you may find some party would suggest buy cars before April 1, such as the article below :

Link : Buy Cars Before April 1

Suggesting that unsold stocks after April 1, they would either pass on the 80% of the remaining SST to customers or absorb it.

While this comes from the following custom guidelines, which is confusing
a) The invoice does not show sales tax chargeable, it becomes 20% special refund.
b) However if the invoice show sales tax chargeable, does it mean 100% claimable special refund?

Based on this guideline, a) and b) above, the price after April 1 is totally different, whereby 80% SST could be transferred to consumer for condition a), or 0% SST is to be transferred to consumer for condition b).

This applies to all industries that are holding their closing stock in hand 31.03.2015

One thing for sure is that Custom does not require each company to perform 100% closing stock, and this also proof that Custom department does not care about pricing after GST implementation, as 80% SST old stock for all the industries is to be transferred to the consumer, 100% SST for those does not perform closing stock calculation, thus, this pricing formula is actually set by the Custom itself.


March 21, 2015

GST : Is Malaysian READY ?

After going on for some months for the GST preparation, you might experience that, Custom is providing the following services :-

a) giving us simple and basic answer, and no answer perhaps if ask further more.
b) always ask people to read online
c) provide hotline that you need to wait or no one answering.
d) transferring call from one person to another.
e) no 24hours phone support
f) no multi racial language support
g) voluntary GST register is rejected online, opposite what GST act suggest.
h) simplified tax invoice take months to be approved, and some pending
i) revising penalty rate from low to high value during short period of time
j) gst evoucher take months to claim and pending, not claim on the spot, but full of paper work.
and so on....

We know many country have implemented GST, however, given many politician party, or any minister out there, which probably have obtain Phd, Master, Degree qualification from Overseas while studying abroad, they should have known better how GST works and should have provide answer for each Malaysian. It looks like most of the leaders stay silent, that they are not studying abroad, but rather getting all the paper qualification in Malaysia. Who knows better? GST mechanism and the online GST system.

If hotel have stars rating mechanism, such as one star hotel, two star hotel.....five star hotel. If Malaysian given choice to rate Government services, it's totally obvious.

Shoppers Guide which is for Consumer until now still have not been released, which is out of tune and it's March 2015. Consumer is ready for the shopping guide, but who is not ready?

Anyway, hopefully the Government take more effort and initiative to make GST run smoothly.