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August 15, 2015

Life : Human Cancer in Top 10 List

It is important to live our life meaningful, eat healthy, live healthy and stay healthy. The image above is found from internet after I wonder what type of cancer would I have if no steps or further actions are to be taken after living so many years. Though this topic seems not popular and not even listed in the normal book syllabus, but everybody would personally experience it in near future.
A lot of ways to stay healthy with minimum expenses or at no expense at all, but people lazy to deal with that, as there are may other important things on hand to handle, such as personal matters, financial problems and business matters.

During each stage of human age, it is more obvious that the older generation are talking about diseases, cancer, arrangement of memorial reservation space, getting a treatment, saving every money, eat healthy and exercise daily. While younger generation is about living uptodate in the sense of modern, high tech and in an entertaining context and having problem to cope with inflation and increasing cost of living.

Everybody seems to have a timer or time-bomb on their hand, so am I. There are many talks organized by hospital or specific organization, but people which includes me tends to be more afraid to deal with this kind of "surprises" lies ahead.

Every talks is more likely on the following follow:-

The symptom = Diagnose = Treatment

The awareness = The symptom = Diagnose = Treatment

rather into

The awareness = Healthy Eating = Healthy Living = Full body check up and maintenance

What I would suggest is that aware of the situation, have you sufficiently buy any insurance protection yet? I heard the latest insurance protection is about RM1 million on the medical coverage available in the market. The sooner you buy the cheaper installment you would get. I bought one.

Get yourself healthy first for about a year. After that, once you find yourself ready, do a full body check-up. That would lessen the worries you all have in mind, and to discover your body is in good working condition.

You may upkeep your car maintenance every 3 months, why not your own body upkeep?

I do not think it would cost so much in order to stay healthy by doing it our ownself, exercise our own, cooking our own, having some supplement. But it would cost so much to spend in a one day hospital treatment with no 100% guarantee in any surgery, putting our hard earned money into the most expensive item in the world if you able to live beyond 60.

August 9, 2015

Tax : How is to be investigated by Income Tax Department

Income Tax department has gone deeper into JPJ as well as Banking housing or shoplot information to obtain your personal details for your monthly installment. If you are capable to make a monthly installment of RM3,000, your monthly salary or business income probably need to hit at least RM6,000 monthly which totals up RM72,000 yearly.

The major concern is that 
a) How you are able to make the monthly payment, earlier or a whole lump sum.
b) Where did you get the money from
c) Why you purchase this property or motor vehicle
d) Who own this property or vehicle
e) Since when, so that to compare with your yearly income statement.

All the confidential records which has gone through bank transaction is easily obtained by the respective department. Kindly consult your tax agent for the tax rate, which is, if you are able to afford something, then it is advisable to afford to pay the income tax.

Learn how income tax is calculated which is much more better.

June 30, 2015

GST : Process after Registration

1. GST once register, you would access the GST portal or website with your login password. You may find the following letter in your inbox.

You may also take note that there would be no "kesilapan" and "kehilangan" tax invoice from the same letter.

2. Therefore everything is rules and law. You may apply GST-eVoucher worth RM1000 after getting GST ID. There are some changes for claiming GST -eVoucher. The latest update is from Custom website saying that " 

Please be informed that the application for the E - voucher of SME Corp Malaysia by the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) will expire on the 10th. November 2014 at 12.00midnight. After this date, all GST registered persons will be given the E - Voucher worth RM1, 000 automatically

Voucher concerned. For SME that are registered before the date of the 11th. November 2014 but upon successful GST registration. E - Vouchers will be sent by SME Corp Malaysia via e - mail to SME where SME can print the E - has yet to receive E - Voucher, it will be given by SME Corp in stages within 2 weeks’ time. E - Vouchers are a government financial assistance to help the GST registered person to buy or upgrade accounting software certified by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. All registered persons are requested to check the status of SME E - Voucher, respectively.

 Thank You 

3. One must also consider applying for the simplified tax invoice in the GST portal after you have sign in. Click the GST ID at the accounts tab, and you would get the apply simplified tax invoice on the left side menu.
Once approve, the following letter would be issued to you. We are not sure how long would it take to approve this simplified tax invoice, however it is best for you to get approval, or else every issued tax invoice, you would need to put customer name and address.

4. One must also consider applying for the exemption in the GST portal for those provide zero rated products, in the second row of the menu below :-

Once approval, you would be receiving the following letter. Therefore no need to submit GST filing anymore.

June 11, 2015

Brain : Positive and Negative Thinking

I have come across with an article about Negative Thinking. Just wondering does brain need some exercise? Does brain health is an issue for us? Here is what I think.

If you aim to do a lot of negative thinking, your brain is channelled to produce negative thoughts.
same goes to
If you aim to do a lot of positive thinking, your brain is wired to produce positive thoughts.

Seeing an Angel and Devil above your head now?

So, why and how negative thinking happen?
Stress, moody, argument, bad things triggers the symptom.

Does negative thinking generates illness or disease?
Not directly, but you may wish to know why human is having "high blood pressure" and other diseases.

What is the next step to stop this happening?
1. Before anything happen, write down what are the positive things for you and in you.
2. Once happen, pay attention by stopping what you are doing.
3. Close your eyes if you need to.
4. Replace negative thoughts with the positive thoughts for some minutes.
* Do not use your brain to turn positive thoughts into negative thoughts.*
5. Walk away. Get some friends or people to talk to.

When you want to change the habits of how your brain thinks, your life would change.

Happy moments and feeling good, such as
a) travel overseas
b) satisfaction over a completion of a task
c) have learn a new skill
d) enjoy seeing other people happy
e) passing the exam
f) having a healthy body

My happy moments was going for Hong Kong Trip and Thailand Trip, visiting as many tourist spot as possible, eating the best food by both countries, buying a good wallet, which being planned together with friends, free and easy, within a specific period. Marvelous!!!

The choice is yours, how to be HAPPY is completely opposite of how to be NOT HAPPY.

Enjoy Life Everyone!

April 23, 2015

GST : Shoppers Guide

When searching the website, the shoppers guide actually comes from kpdnkk, by clicking the following link:-
http://ebook.kpdnkk.gov.my/   (not all browsers support)

For faster reference, kindly click the respective location of the following link to view, popup to show full page view:-

a) Zon Utara

b) Zon Timur

c) Zon Tengah

d) Zon Selatan

e) Zon Sabah

f) Zon Sarawak

Thank you.